Čakovečki mlinovi Group


METSS Ltd Čakovec


METSS Ltd Čakovec, founded in 2003, has grown to become the leading chain store of the Međimurje region, with 185 store units and 775 workers. In the last few years, METSS has been intensively expanding its business onto the region of Podravina, Zagorje and Slavonia, whereby it is turning into a powerful regional retail chain store. Owing to its business results it has entered into the top 200 of successful Croatian companies.

Trgostil JSC Donja Stubica

“TRGOSTIL” JSC with its main office in  Donja Stubica is a joint stock company of middle size. It maintaintans its leading position in the northwestern part of Croatia, more precisely, in the Krapinsko-Zagorska County   and  it partly operates in the Zagreb and Varaždin County. The retail chain network comprises 115 stores and 12 franchises. They are mostly stores selling food products and goods of mass consumption, whereas others are specialised stores of household appliances, construction material, agricultural chemical supplies, textile, furniture, bookstores and perfume stores. At the moment it employs 551 workers. The integration process of „Trgostil“ into the system of „Čakovečki mlinovi“ started in 2008, and since 2009 „Trgostil” is memberf of NTL.



TRGOVINA KRK JSC is the largest retail chain store on the island of Krk, and since 1999 it belongs to the concern of Čakovečki mlinovi d.d.. Apart from food products, our other selling units also offer cosmetics, textile, construction material, hardware and oil derivates. At the moment we are employing 400 workers, operating 66 selling units and are intensively expanding business on the island of Krk and the entire Primorsko-Goranska County.


Having gone through a number of statutory changes , today's  RADNIK OPATIJA JSC, Lovran, has been in operation as early as 1961. More than five decades later, it is still one of the leading direct manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products on the territory of this state. It employs approximately 255 workers. Its core business- the production of bread, bread-like products and pastries is carried out in two production units, in Lovran and Malinska, on the island of Krk. It also owns a developed retail chain store comprising 60 stores in the region of the Primorsko-Goranska County and the Istria County. It has been an integral part of  the  Čakovečki mlinovi group since 1993.


VRAŽAP Ltd. Zadar

Vražap Ltd was founded in 1998 and it has swiftly become the leading bakery in Zadar County. Its business and quality has even won the attention of experts at Čakovečki mlinovi, who in Vražap recognised a chance to instill a part of the century old Međimurje tradition into the heart of Dalmatia. 2007 Vražap was acquired to become part of Čakovečki mlinovi  d.d., and since then the synergy of know-how, quality, tradition and innovation has been persistently expanding in Zadar and even beyond Zadar. 150 products made with care and love are daily distributed to 210 selling units, including 9 privately owned retail stores.