About Čakovečki mlinovi

Čakovečki mlinovi JSC is one of the leading food companies in Croatia. It has been operating since 1893 and its most important activities are milling, bakery and pumpkin oil production. The strategic guideline of the entire business is top quality of products and continuous investment in state-of-the-art technologies in food industry.


ČAKOVEČKI MLINOVI brands have seen significant success both on the domestic and international markets for years, since the customers have recognised the top quality of our products. The secret of our success is in the first class raw material, knowledge and experience of our staff and the love we invest in our products to exceed the expectations of our customers. We process 50,000 tonnes of wheat and 10,000 tonnes of corn on an annualised basis and the distribution of flour has been adapted to three principal channels: retail, bakery and confectionery industry. Čakovec Mills bakeries based in Čakovec and Oroslavje, along with the bakeries Radnik d.d. Opatija in Lovran and in Malinska and the Zadar-based bakery Vražap d.o.o. we produce over 10,000 tonnes of bread, pastry, cakes and frozen puff pastry.


The company headquarters are in Čakovec and its production facility, in addition to the one in Čakovec, is located in Donji Kraljevec and Oroslavje. Throughout its hundred-year-long tradition the company Čakovec Mills has been co-operating with agricultural product producers from Međimurje region, purchasing Croatian wheat from them, as well as corn and other raw material. The company pays an exceptional amount of attention to enhancement of co-operation with the rural community, due to which fact Čakovec Mills manage to meet 2/3 of their requirements with products originating from Međimurje cropland. The entire production process from the field to the table is continuously monitored by technologists, both during the primary production with production organiser and in Čakovec Mills. Consequently, we manage to maintain the top quality of our products.


Basic company information

Čakovečki mlinovi, joint stock company for production and distribution of food products, 40000 Čakovec, Mlinska 1, Croatia

Business accounts:

HR 26 2340009 1116005907 -Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Zagreb

HR 49 2402006 1100031817 - Erste & Steiermarkische banka d.d., Rijeka

HR 81 2484008 1101841873 - Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., Zagreb


The joint stock company has been registered at the Commercial Court of Varaždin under the entry number Tt-95/482-2, Business entity registration number: 070004250.
Share capital:  HRK 102,900,000.00, paid in full, divided into 10,290,000 ordinary registered shares in the nominal value of HRK 10.00 each

President of the Management Board: Nino Varga

Member of the Management Board: Marijan Sršen

President of the Supervisory Board: Stjepan Varga